Step By Step

1 – Set up the holiday by going to Company -> Holidays.  Once there, add a holiday by using the Add button on the right side.


2 – Give it a name and select the time frame for the holiday.


3 – Set the option to “Include in Holiday Processing.” Set the anchor time and Job Code to be used on the Timesheet. Then Save


4 – Configure the processing time for the holiday calendar with the “Holiday Hours Processing” button.


5 – Add a time frame for processing.


6 – Go to Employee > Employee Profile > Select an Employee > Hours Tab > Work Week Settings.  Set the amount of hours per day and number of days per week.  This information can be more widely distributed by either adding it to an Employee Role or by using the Global Modification tool.


7 – Once all of this is in place, the automated holiday calendar will process on the set trigger.


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How To: Set up the automated holiday processing
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