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I am not receiving automated reports, request notifications, or user messages through email, what’s going on?

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In TimeClock Plus, you have to configure mail server settings and enable a few options in the configuration, in order to get emails to be part of the messaging system.

First, check that you have configured your SMTP settings correctly in Manager by going to Company>Company Defaults.

Note! The server in question must be an SMTP server or have an SMTP option.
Note! Hosted Mail Servers often require some configuration on the host side to allow SMTP, or sending email as “other” users.

  • There, you will go to the Global tab, and open the Mail Settings section. Make sure the mail settings there are configured. These will be dependent on what SMTP server you are using, we will be using Gmail for our examples.
    • For Gmail, the SMTP server would be, and the port number would be 587.
    • Encryption (TLS) will need to be enabled with Gmail, as will be “Outbound server requires authentication”. This will be the user that your TimeClock system will “Log In” as, and as such will determine the email permissions it has.*

Once that is set up, look at the following items.

  • Make sure the users and/or employees you are trying to send to have email addresses listed in the system.
    • For employees, this will be listed in Employee>Employee Profiles, under the Information tab, in the Personal section.
    • For users, this will be listed in Configuration>Users>User Profiles, under the General tab, in the Personal section.
  • For time off requests specifically, make sure that the users are set to receive notifications for time-off requests for the employee(s) in question.
    • To check this, go to Employee>Employee Profiles, to the Access tab. Under the Access section, make sure the employee’s manager is in that list, and make sure the “Request Notifications” box is ticked.

*Note: For Exchange users, you may have difficulty with the user permissions. Specifically, with Exchange, users usually do not have permissions to send as other users, which is required for the authentication user in TimeClock. You made need to contact Exchange Technical Support, or take a look at the permissions in this area:

  • Exchange Control Panel>Administration>{Authentication User}>Mailbox Permissions>Add New at the top>In the Drop down, choose the users you wish the authentication user to be able to send as (Which would need to be every user/employee in your domain that you want to be able to send and receive emails through TimeClock Plus)


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