Question / Issue

During an operation on my RDTg (300/400) clock I receive the error “An error occurred retrieving the information”

Answer / Solution

This is caused by a mismatch in the communication from the clock and the server and is easily fixed with a quick Firmware update to the clock.

In most cases, the firmware will update on your clocks automatically, however, there are a few cases when this may not happen, in which case:

Step by Step

1. Reboot your clock

That’s right, in most cases where the clock didn’t update automatically, a reboot will also run the update process. In some rare cases this doesn’t always work though, if you’ve tried a reboot and still have this issue, you will need to manually load the firmware to the clock via a USB stick.

Step by Step
  1. Contact the TCP support team at 325-223-9300 for the latest firmware revision.
  2. Unzip this file and place it on the root of a USB drive.
  3. Unplug the power to the clock.
  4. Plug in the USB to the side of the clock.
  5. Plug in the power to the clock.
  6. During the bootup, the clock should prompt you to load the new firmware, tap yes.
  7. Once the clock is back online, unplug the USB stick, and reboot the clock one more time.

If you have any issues while running through this process, please call us at 325-223-9300

Error: An error occurred retrieving the information (v7)