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I’ve just installed v7 and the TimeClock Plus Control Panel opened up, what do I do now?

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Below we’ll take you through each tab of the Control Panel and help you understand how to use it.

Control Panel 3


The Applications tab gives you links to each part of the TimeClock Plus system.

TimeClock Manager : TimeClock Manager is where department heads and time keepers will be doing most of their work. Here you will be able to add new employees, correct time cards, and print reports.
TimeClock Scheduler: TimeClock Scheduler is a robust scheduling and attendance application that enhances the functionality and reporting of TimeClock Plus. Track tardies, absences, and schedule variance within the Scheduler application.
WebClock: WebClock offers a complete clock operation and self service solution. Not only will they be able to clock in and out with this application, but also view and approve hours, leave balances, and time off requests.
Admin Server: The Admin Server application allows you to perform administrative functions like updating your software or backing up your database.
Clock Hub: The Clock Hub application allows users to quickly create a clock hub and edit clocks using that hub. This application provides more detail when viewing or editing clock information.
Clock Status: Clock Status gives IT and other users in charge of hardware a company-wide overview of which clocks are running and their location. Additionally, terminals that can support multiple companies (such as the RDTg) can be set up here.

We Highly suggest right-clicking on the Manager, Scheduler, and WebClock links, choosing copy shortcut, and sending those links in an email to the primary TimeClock Plus users. This will ensure that they always have access to those links.


The Documentation tab includes a short list of common and essential documents that we suggest browsing for your first time using the system.

Server Update

The Server Update tab will allow you to check for and run updates for the TimeClock Plus v7 install.


The Status tab allows you to check the current status of the 6 running services for TimeClock Plus. In a normal state, all services should be running. During some trouble-shooting steps, we may require restarting these services.


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