What is closing a week, what does it do?


The Close Week section is where you will close the TimeClock Week. Closing the week is an essential function of TimeClock Plus as it commits the hours worked to the database, as well as performs behind-the-scenes calculations for accruals, absences, tardies, and cumulative totals.

The Close Week operation will always close seven days at a time, with the starting day reflective of the beginning of your work week. For example, if my week runs Sunday – Saturday, my Current Week might be 1/4/2015. When I close my week, my new current week will be 1/11/2015. When this happens, any hours from 1/4/2015 through 1/10/2015 will go into history and not be immediately visible in Edit Hours.

Closing a Week

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What is closing a week (v7)?
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