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How do I view and edit employee schedules?

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The Employee Schedules will allow management to see each recurring and overriding schedule that is associated with a specific employee. This page will only show you one employee at a time.

In order to get to this page,

  1. Log into TimeClock Manager
  2. Choose Schedules > Employees
  3. Select an employee from the list on the left

There are a variety of features that can be configured for this page. Those features are:

  • Sort By – We can sort the names of our employees by ID, First Name, Last Name, Classification, Badge, and Export Code. We are also able to sort by Ascending and
  • Employee Filter – Allows us to filter employees by number, class, department, status and much more.
  • Job Code Filter –We can filter the schedule that is displayed by one or more Job Codes.
  • Segment Filter – We canfilter the schedule that is displayed by a segment type.
  • Date Range –The date range will open the current week by default. We can change these dates by inputting dates into the date range or selecting from a preset number of options for date ranges.

Adding/Editing Schedules

  • We can add an override time segment to an employee by clicking the Addbutton underneath the corresponding date. You will be able to add a time segment with templates or can enter the time manually.
  • We can Edit, Delete, Copy, or Pastea time segment by right-clicking the segment.
  • We can reset a day or number of days by selecting the overridden time segment and choose Reset Day(s)
  • We can add weekends to the page by checking off the box named Display weekends. We can also Include unavailable segments the same way.

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How do I view/edit employee schedules (v7)?