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What is an Employee Role?

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An Employee Role will allow you to create predefined settings for your employee profiles such as predefined Overtime settings, Job Codes and much more. This will save you time when creating your employee since it allows you to choose their role rather than setting up each employee with the same settings.

Create Role

  1. Log into TimeClock Manager
  2. Choose Employee > Employee Roles
  3. Click Add Role 
  4. Create a Name (required) and Description (optional)
  5. Click Add
  6. Go through each tab and create the predefined settings you would like your employee(s) to use

Assign Role

  1. Log into TimeClock Manager
  2. Choose Employee > Employee Profiles 
  3. Select your employee
  4. Click Select Role 
  5. Choose the role you would like assigned
  6. Click Select

NOTE! Although you have a role assigned to an employee you can still adjust the settings for that employee without changing the settings for the actual role


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