How do I manually clock someone out?


If an individual forgets to clock out or is unable to clock out, then the manager may log into TimeClock Manager and clock out that individual.  This may be accomplished for a single individual or for multiple individuals at a time.

There are a number of ways that a record may be clocked out:

  1. Individual Hours
  2. Employee Status

Individual Hours

  1. Log into TimeClock Manager.
  2. Choose Hours > Individual  Hours.
  3. Select an employee from the employee list on the left.
  4. Double-click the clocked-in record.
  5. Remove the check next to Individual is clocked in.
  6. Enter in the correct date out and time out next to Time out and click Save

Employee Status

  1. Log into TimeClock Manager.
  2. Browse to Tools > Employee Status.
  3. Select the Clocked In tab.
  4. Select one or more employees you would like to clock out.
  5. Right Click on one of the employees and choose Clock Out.
  6. Fill in the appropriate Time and Date out in the Time out section.
  7. Click Clock out.

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How do I clock an individual out using TimeClock Manager (v7)?