How do I grant a supervisor or manager the right to override a clock restriction?


If an employee tries to clock in or out and a clock restriction takes effect (ex: trying to clock in from a break without meeting the minimum break length) then a manager may override the restriction when afforded the proper User Rights.

Step by Step

  1. Log into TimeClock Manager
  2. Choose Configuration > Users > User Profiles
  3. Select a user from the list on the left
  4. Click the Passwords tab
    • If the override will be taking place on the On-Screen TimeClock expand WebClock Override and enter and re-enter a password. This password can be alpha-numeric.
    • If the override will be taking place on a wall mounted clock (also referred to as a Remote Data Terminal) expand Clock Override and enter and re-enter a password. The password should be numeric, however letters are also accepted. Letters should ONLY be entered if the password is going to be encoded to a badge (magnetic, bar-code, or proximity).  If a badge is encoded with the override password then the manager can swipe that when prompted for the password. This may be more secure than entering the password in front of the employee.
  5. Click Save


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How do I grant a user the right to override a clock restriction (v7)?