How do I grant a supervisor or manager the right to override a clock restriction?


If an employee tries to clock in or out and a clock restriction takes effect (ex: trying to clock in from a break without meeting the minimum break length) then a manager may override the restriction when granted the proper user permissions.

Step by Step

  1. Open TimeClock Manager and log in.
  2. Select Configuration > Users > User Profiles.
  3. Select an individual.
  4. Select the Passwords tab.
    • If the override will be on the Webclock application expand WebClock Override, and enter\re-enter the password. (This password can be alpha-numeric).
    • If the override will be on a wall mounted clock (also referred to as a Remote Data Terminal or RDT) expand Clock Override, and enter\re-enter the password. The password should be numeric only.
    • However, alpha characters are also accepted in the following cases:
      • Alpha characters should ONLY be entered if the password is going to be encoded to a badge (magnetic, bar-code, or proximity) or if you have a newer model clock with a touch screen (also referred to as a RDTg) as touch screen clocks have a keyboard function.
      • If a badge is encoded with the override password then the manager can swipe the badge when prompted for the password. (This is a more secure way than entering the password in front of the employee).
  5. Select Save.


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How do I grant a user the right to override a clock restriction (v7)?