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I need to move my v7 server to a new computer.


Answer / Solution

The instructions below will take you step by step through the migration. First! Take a look here and make sure your new server meets our server requirements!


Backing up your Database

  1.  On your Server Machine, open the TimeClock Plus Control Panel on the desktop
  2. Click on the Databases tab
  3. In the Backup name, type in whichever name you would like. NOTE! We recommend backing up to the Windows Temp directory, and including a date stamp, e.g. “C:WindowsTempTimeClockPlusBackup-2015-05-05.bak”
  4. Click Create.
  5. The backup will take a few minutes, close the Control Panel when you are done.
  6. Move the Backup to the new server.NOTE! for the remainder of this Article, we will assume the backup is in the Windows Temp directory.

Installing on new server

For a full install guide, click here, and then come back. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume an instance and database name of TimeClockPlus.


Replacing the Database

The next step is to take out the blank database created during the install, restore your backup, and make it ready for use.

Step by Step

  1. Log in to Admin Server from the TimeClock Plus Control Panel
  2. Navigate to NAMESPACES
  3. Select the <<NONE>> namespace, or your other namespace and click edit
  4. Point the namespace to the new Server and Database


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How do I perform a server migration in v7? [pending control panel fix]