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My clock says “Host Disconnected, waiting for host.”  What is happening and how can I fix this?


Answer / Solution

  1. You want to make sure that the Ethernet cable is plugged in to the clock and the network drop securely.  If it wiggles a little bit, try another cable.
  2. Double check the IP address within WinRemote (located on the server) and within the clock.  To find the clock’s offline menu, please click here.  They must be the same!
  3. Unplug the clock from the Ethernet cable, and ping the IP address from the server where WinRemote is hosted.  If you get replies while the clock is disconnected, you have a conflicting IP address, and you will need to resolve this by getting a new IP address for the clock.  If you do not get responses, this is a good sign!
  4. Try to Stop and Start the Port within WinRemote
  5. If you do not resolve the issue with these steps, please call in to Support at 325-223-9300 for further assistance.

Applies to

All Ethernet Hardware

My Clock Says “Host Disconnected…”
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