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How do I change/view the current IP address on my Ethernet timeclock?

Answer / Solution

100/200 Series or GT-400:

  1.  Reboot the clock by unplugging the unit and plugging it back in
  2. When Prompted, hit F1 (or Fn + 1 on a GT-400)
  3. Once in offline mode (the “Terminal Setup” screen), use the F1 and F2 keys to scroll up/down to the “Ethernet” option. Press Yes/Enter to select it.
  4. This will take you to the “Ethernet” screen. You will have two choices; make sure that the arrow is next to “IP address” and press Yes/Enter.
  5. This will take you to the “IP ADDRESS” screen. From here you can manually enter an IP address using the keypad on the clock. You can also set your gateway and subnet mask on this screen; contact your network admin for these settings if you need them.
  6. Hit Enter until it asks to save changes, then Hit Yes.
  7. Hit Escape till you return to the Terminal Setup Screen. Scroll down to Save and Exit, then hit enter.

RT or RT+ legacy clocks:

  1. Go into the offline mode by power cycling the clock (unplugging and plugging back in) and holding down F1 and Yes/Enter.
  2. Select No/Esc on every screen you get until you get to the Setup screen. As soon as you’re there, press Yes/Enter.
  3. Select No/Esc on every screen you see until you reach the Network Settings screen. Press Yes/Enter.
  4. Here you can enter in an IP address if you have one that you’d like for the clock to use; just use the numerical keypad. You can also set the subnet mask and the default gateway here as well.
  5. Escape out, and select No/Esc until you get to the Save Changes screen. Select yes.
  6. Press No/Esc until you get to the Exit screen, then press Yes/Enter.

Also make sure that you have the correct IP address set for the port in WinRemote. If the IP does not match up with what you have set on the clock, then WinRemote will be unable to communicate with the clock, and the clock will show a “Host Disconnected” screen. If you ever see this screen, be sure to double check your IP address both in WinRemote and on the clock to make sure that everything matches up.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call the TimeClock Plus Support Team at 325-223-9300, or chat in to

How To: Change the IP Address on an Ethernet Clock