Question / Issue

I’ve started using a new network device (computer, printer, etc.) and now I’m having problems with my wall mounted Remote Data Terminal(RDT)


Answer / Solution

Normally, this will be an issue with the IP addresses.  If a clock is using an IP address that another network device is using, this will cause interference with the clock, and cause it to stop working.

You can verify this being the problem by unplugging the clock, and going to a computer on the same network.

  • From that computer, you will need to open the command prompt (Start, Run > type in “CMD” and hit enter)
  • From the command prompt, type in “Ping IPADDRESS” Where ‘IPADDRESS’ is the IP address of your clock.

If the ping fails, you likely do not have a conflicting IP issue, we suggest calling into support if your issues continue.

If the ping succeeds, you likely do have a conflicting IP somewhere on the network, we suggest changing the IP of the clock to an unused, static IP on your network, your Network Admin should be able to help you with this.

If this is unclear, please call into support for further assistance (325) 223-9300


Applies to

All Hardware, and all software versions.

New network device has caused my RDT to stop working